29 February 2008

Leap Day 2008

Today is a bonus day. Artificial it may be, but 3 years out of 4, we don't get a February 29th. People born on February 29 are generally happy to count their age by the number of birthdays they've seen, so today is special (Happy Birthday, all you youngsters out there). What are you going to do with this "extra" day? Sure, you could spend all day thinking it's just another Friday. Or you could totally drop out, do absolutely nothing, because Leap Day is bonus, like it doesn't count toward your 24/7/365 (technically, it wouldn't). Me? I'm feeling good, productive. (Although that 2 hour cappuccino has sucked some of the get-up-and-go out of my day.) So I'm going to leap into something new. And if it doesn't work out? Eh, it won't even count. It was an extra day anyway.

Welcome to my blog. Now, some of you are all tech-savvy, avid blog readers and writers, and may be thinking, "She's doing it all wrong." Others of you have never heard the word and are thinking, "What is it?" To the best of my nascent understanding (I got a wild hair yesterday), a web log (weblog -> 'blog -> blog) is my journal/bulletin board/soapbox/sounding board. I post what I'm doing, thinking, thinking about doing and as many as I allow access are welcome to comment... or not. It will replace my increasingly sporadic serial installments of our adventures in Europe. Being very public, I will go back and possibly retro-censor the previous installments, then place them in archive here. At least I hope that is something possible to do. I Call It My Art is very much an experiment and I expect it will remain so. Onward.
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