24 March 2009

Hum Deyli Lai

A dear friend in San Francisco shared with me how a friend of his spent time in Africa, how that individual was so moved by the people there and the way they express awe and appreciation. When they observe something beautiful or marvelous, they say (something that sounds like) "Hum deyli lai," God is big. I love that. As children we learn that God is great and God is good and that we should thank Him for our food (amen), and while all that is true, something about this simple acknowledgement touched me afresh. Hum deyli lai; He is here with me and across the country with my girl friend and around the world with other friends, and I have seen Him reaching into each of these lives in just the past month to show us His love and power over the most personal events we face. Hum deyli lai; big enough to see beyond my experience, to know the consequences I cannot imagine, to work for my good even when I don't know what that would be, especially then. He has used this particular friend to speak ~actually, to sing~ comfort to me before. I doubt the friend has any idea what a vessel of God he is. He's forgotten the night my world was torn apart ~he didn't know it then or for months after~ when the music he and another made gave me a still place in the darkness to say goodbye, to stand with friends at my side in that unspeakably lonesome place.

Hum deyli lai.
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